Artificial Intelligence for Games

Artificial Intelligence for Games


Thanks for stopping by, this is the website for the book Artificial Intelligence for Games, Second Edition by Ian Millington and John Funge, published by Morgan Kaufmann in 2009.

This site contains the errata for the book. You can also see other books we recommend, and keep up to date with any news on the book.

But most likely you're here to get the source code for the book. The source code is open-source and hosted by GitHub. You can find it by clicking "Source Code" at the top of the page.

Source Moved to GitHub

As of March 6, 2010, the source code accompanying this book has been moved to GitHub from google code. This is because it is far easier for you to get hold of the code and play with it when it is hosted on a distributed version control system. It doesn't make much sense, I don't think, to have open source projects hosted on a centralised version control system.

You can find the code at